My New Planes

February 2021 | Dios Kurniawan

My latest addition to the collection: 1/72 E-2C Hawkeye (please do not criticize my terrible photography skills, I could only use a smartphone for taking these pictures) :

1/72 Eurofighter Typhoon:

Model Kits During Pandemic Time

September 2020 | Dios Kurniawan

In the past few months, during this WFH period I have been quite productive in building model kits, a life-long hobby which I have had since I was 12. This year I have built many aircraft models: F-14D Tomcat, F-35B Lightning II, EA-18G Growler, AH-64D Apache, and at least 3 other 1:700 ships. I am currently building a P-3C Orion, an F-15E, an A-7 Corsair and a UH-60 helicopter.

AH-64D Apache Longbow (Academy, 1/48)
F-35B Lightning II (Academy, 1/72)
EA-18G Growler (Academy, 1/72)
F-4J Phantom II (Academy, 1/72)
JAS-39A Gripen (Tamiya, 1/72)

Junkers Ju-52

August 2019 | Dios Kurniawan

This model kit is one of the most exciting but is also one of the most difficult I have ever attempted: Italeri 1:72 Junkers Ju-52. This Nazi-era transport plane has a unique three-motor arrangement which gives the aircraft a very distinctive look.

The quality of the kit itself is not up to my standard: many parts such as the wings, engine cowl and flaps did not really hold together. I had to take multiple attempts to glue the parts, because they fell off easily.

The actual aircraft featured in this kit is a Minesweeper variant. It has a large metal ring under the fuselage (see it here) which works to detonate magnetic mines in sea. In my opinion, the ring would make the plane look unattractive, so I chose not to install it on the model. Cockpit window frames are also difficult to paint, so I simply left them unpainted.

Luftwaffe Ju 52
Ju 52 sitting next to a Luftwaffe Fw190 fighter. As you can see, Ju 52 is a huge plane.

I like WW2 planes, but because of its difficulty, building this one was not really the kind of fun I was looking for.