1:72 Mustang Model

January 2017 | Dios Kurniawan

I am always fascinated by WW2 war machines, but I rarely built aircraft models from this era. So few months ago I bought an Academy 1:72 model kit of a P-51D Mustang, one of the most formidable fighter planes in the war. It is an inexpensive yet quite detailed model. It took me 3 months to finish it.

1:72 model kit

This P-51D (tail number 415255) was a miniature of real-life fighter flown by Lt Colonel Gordon M. Graham of the USAAF in the European theatre, circa 1945. He scored at least 16 kills against German fighters, as shown in the stickers near the cockpit.

Painting was done mainly with a brush, and weathering effect was done with a 6B pencil. I did not install the landing gear and the drop fuel tanks, because I wanted to allow the model to sit flat on my desk. I am quite happy with the end result.